What's Your Dollar Sign?

Make More. Stress Less.

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Your Money Formula

Transform the way you create money

Understand the energy dynamics of your chart, what they mean about your ability to make money and build wealth.

Your Dollar Sign Report

We'll analyze your Astrological Chart and tell you - Your Dollar Sign

Walk your own path to wealth. Harness your power, find the methods that suit your gifts & unleash the Power of You.

The Calendar of You

Discover your Money Seasons

Know your best times to make more, spend less or tackle money projects. Move with your money energy for Grace & Ease.

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Astrological Money Guide 

You have the Power to change the way money impacts your life. With your astrology guiding the way, you can resolve the things causing you stress & achieve money freedom.

Let the stars light your way.

A few Happy Customers

Monica Z.

"I've been in business for a long time and am very successful. I know money and I know business. I followed a simple instruction that took a few hours a week (and was Fun!!!) and doubled my monthly revenue from $50,000 per month to well over $100,000 the first month I started using the new technique. Mind Blowing!!"

Marcus A.

"Enlightening and reassuring. A really great tool to help people get out of their own way. Your Dollar Sign helped me see things about myself that were there but more as undercurrents so I didn't realize the power of using them. Such a relief at realizing there's nothing wrong with me and what I deeply and truly want is actually possible. I'm in awe, realizing I deserve to have what I want. Now I know how and I'm getting it."

Jennifer T.

"It was very insightful, and I’ve never seen anybody do what she’s doing. She takes the astrology piece, looks at you individually, and finds where you have blocks. The coaching she gave me was great. It was a real eye-opener, and we need to surround ourselves with coaches and get guidance because it’s almost impossible for us to see our own blocks. Open up those channels, and let the abundance in. Your Dollar Sign helped me do it."

Rose L.

"My Money Reading was just amazing! Completely changed my ability to make money. Relief from guilt I had felt for decades. Understanding of why I did some of the things that seemed like a bad idea (over and over again) so I was finally able to shift and start making the money I deserve.

Freedom from money stress. A complete gift."

Make More, Stress Less

Let us be a part of your journey in achieving the wealth that you deserve.

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