Discover Your Money Superpower


Learn specific steps, unique to you, that unlock your cash flow with grace and ease.

Truly see the glory that is You, and understand the power you have within you to move beyond chasing success and into living joy.   

Remember that money doesn't matter.  You do.

Conquer Money.  Unleash Your Joy.

The Power of You

Walk your own path to wealth.

Harness your power, find the methods that suit your gifts & unleash the Power of You.


Your Money Compass

Make your Joy your true north.

Transform the way you create money. Hardwire yourself to always move toward Your Joy. 

Let Joy Pay You.


The Calendar of You

Discover your Money Seasons.

Identify where you are own your own timeline. Move at your true pace & unwind yourself from obligation.

The Dark Side of Service


We Women Move Mountains.
We make miracles. We change the world.

Our Success is expensive. We’ve paid in sweat, tears and broken relationships. We’ve conquered the limits of time, money & our own fears. And, we’ve sacrificed so much.

All while working unpaid jobs of holding up our friends, our families and our communities.

But putting yourself on the back burner for decades on end wears you down. Success is not a destination, just an invitation to work harder, push ourselves harder and keep moving towards the next level of success. To fill the next level of need. To help our clients more. To help our communities more. To help our families more.

It’s time to help ourselves.

It’s time to think of ourselves.

It’s time you were a priority. The Priority.

Wealth of Joy is about making Your Joy the only Priority.

You deserve it.


Women's Work
Women's Leadership


The World is in Pain & Crisis. What was, didn’t work. What’s to come, will only be what we make it.

 The world has run on money for millennium. Every structure was built by it, every institution owned by it, every life molded by it. We’ve lost our way.

It will take a change if inexplicable proportions to move from running on money to making decisions based on what actually matters.

Before we change the world, we must change ourselves.

We must unravel the way money is running our lives. See how it rules our subconscious decision making. And as we remake the world, we must grow our wealth to grow our influence.

We need a wealth of resources, internal and external for what is to come.

I invite you to step further into your power and claim your joy.

Nothing lights a woman up like pure joy.

There’s nothing the world needs more than to be lit up, Come shine brighter.

Discover Your Money Superpower


Unlock more time and more money.

Small Hinges Move Big Doors.

When you know your power and work within your money strengths, small adjustments can yield big rewards.  The bigger your cash flow, the bigger the payoff.  

You've worked too hard for your success to leave time & money on the table.