Success Stories

Tabby Biddle

"Before I began working with Umoh, I felt shy and timid about marketing my programs and myself. I had a number of resistances to work through. I was offering too wide a range of services to help women have a greater voice in the world. The value of my offerings was diluted because I was offering too many things – and this made marketing even more challenging.

 Umoh helped me get focused and coached me to create a high-end program. We created a stellar program to help women step into their potential as leaders. Creating this program has felt so good because not only am I 100% clear in what I am offering and I am able to integrate so many of my skills into this program to give women the best of my work. 

Her support is fierce and compassionate. I was struck with how caring and consistent she was throughout our work together. She was always looking out for me. Even when we weren’t in our sessions, Umoh was holding space for me and coming up with great ideas for my success and growth. She stuck with me throughout. She tuned into exactly what I needed and allowed me space to say YES to myself. It definitely helped me come more ALIVE!
 As a result of my work with Umoh, I feel more focused, motivated and clear about how I can best carry out my mission. Not only am I 100% clear in what I am offering but I am also able to integrate so many of my skills into this program to give women the best of my work."



Jennifer T.

"It was very insightful, and I’ve never seen anybody do what she’s doing. Atim takes the astrology piece, looks at you individually, and finds where you have blocks. The coaching she gave me was great. It was a real eye-opener, and we need to surround ourselves with coaches and get guidance because it’s almost impossible for us to see our own blocks. Open up those channels, and let the abundance in. My Money Reading with Atim helped me do it."


Monica Z.

"I've been in business for a long time and am very successful. I know money and I know business. I followed a simple instruction that Atim gave me that took a few hours a week (and was Fun!!!) and doubled my monthly revenue from $50,000 per month to well over $100,000 the first month I started using the new technique. Mind Blowing!!"



Julia Kline

"I don't know if I fully knew what I was getting myself into diving into the deep end with this work with Umoh but it's revolutionized so many areas of my life.

I healed and moved through a ton of baggage and trauma from my childhood.
I changed my relationship with my body and food. I also lost about 20 pounds of weight and much more energetic weight. .
I am radically safer in my body and in my skin. I created a new narrative and experience around my sexuality and my sexual agency.

I have broken out of the haze of deep depression. I experienced a different level of happiness.

I am no longer at war with myself. Beating myself up for not being perfect and genuinely loving myself at a level that I didn't know existed for me.

I cleared alot of shame and many layers of a deep wound around my work and my ability to show up more visibly in the world.

I'm allowing myself to drop my defenses and get intimate, more vulnerable and connected with people I care about. I'm no longer impulsively cutting people out of my life. I've improved my ability to communicate and connect in difficult conversations and when it matters the most.

I shifted my story and relationship with men and am experiencing one of the healthiest relationship dynamics of my life.

In short I can't even really accurately describe all the work we did and the changes I've made but I know I am a much more complete, alive and activated version of the powerful and evolved person I am meant to be."



Rose L.

"My Money Reading with Atim was just amazing!! Completely changed my ability to make money. Relief from guilt I had felt for decades. Understanding of why I did some of the things that seemed like a bad idea (over and over again) so I was finally able to shift and start making the money I deserve.

Freedom from money stress. A complete gift."





Ti Foster, Artist

"Umoh is a breath of fresh air in a crowed field of 'gurus', Not only is she open and welcoming but the information she imparts to her clients is profound.

Rather than focus solely on your business, she gives you insight into your Self, your Life path and quite possibly your Mission here on earth.

Working with Umoh during what can only be described as one of the most difficult times of my life, has given me new insights,perceptions, clarity and motivation!

Re-listening to our recorded session over and over has kept me upbeat and on course. I've started to implement her brilliant suggestions and I can already see a bright light starting to form at the end of this path."

Alicia Yokota, Wedding Foral Designer

"Thank you so much, Umoh! The work we have done together is priceless. Before working with you I was almost ready to give up on my dream and shut down my business. You have changed my whole life. Now I'm working with brides I love and my work has been featured worldwide. I feel like you just attached me and by business to a rocket!



Marcus A.

"Enlightening and reassuring. A really great tool to help people get out of their own way. My Dollar Sign Reading with Atim helped me see things about myself that were there but more as undercurrents so I didn't realize the power of using them. Such a relief at realizing there's nothing wrong with me and what I deeply and truly want is actually possible. I'm in awe, realizing I deserve to have what I want.

Now I know how and I'm getting it."






Leilah McNabb, Energy Healer

“Working with Umoh was such an incredible experience! Before I began working with her I had been feeling a lot of confusion about what direction to take in my career. Umoh gave me an incredible reading that completely zeroed in on my strengths, gifts, and joys, and offered so much clarity to me about my best direction. I was continually blown away by her insights and just how on target she was about so many aspects of my interests and personality.

Umoh is super funny and refreshingly honest, and working with her was so much fun! Since working with her I have significantly increased my clients and felt a lot more clarity around my gifts and direction. I feel so grateful and blessed to have worked with her. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”