What's Your Dollar Sign?

Unleash the Power of Astrology to Master Your Money

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Build a Wealth Machine

The permanent solution to your financial stress is building wealth. When you build your pile of money in the bank, you bring freedom of choice. Building a Wealth Machine moves you from working for money to having money work for you.

Energy Dynamics of Money

There are many paths to wealth: The metoric rise brought by fame, the long slow struggle of entrepreneurship. or the craft of the creative. Discover your unique dynamic for wealth building and increase your income with grace & ease.

Master the Power of Time

One of the least discussed facets of time is the power it has with money. When used properly, time magnifies wealth. Let your money age like fine wine. Learn how to super charge your bank balances by getting time on your side.

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Astrological Money Guide

You're probably like us, wishing money was always there when you needed it and flowing freely without having to worry about bills or debt. 
Fortunately, Your Dollar Sign solves all of that.

Money Back Guarantee

We pride ourselves in our money astrology wisdom and we love helping people end money stress! However, we realize astrological insights are not for everybody. If you are unsatisfied with our information simply email [email protected] and we will refund your order.

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"It was very insightful, and I’ve never seen anybody do what they're doing. They take the astrology piece, look at you individually, and find where you have blocks. The coaching they gave me was great. It was a real eye-opener, and we need to surround ourselves with coaches and get guidance because it’s almost impossible for us to see our own blocks. Open up those channels, and let the abundance in. Your Dollar Sign helped me do it."

Jennifer T.

"Enlightening and reassuring. A really great tool to help people get out of their own way. Your Dollar Sign helped me see things about myself that were there but more as undercurrents so I didn't realize the power of using them. Such a relief at realizing there's nothing wrong with me and what I deeply and truly want is actually possible. I'm in awe, realizing I deserve to have what I want. Now I know how and I'm getting it."

Marcus A.

"Your Dollar Sign gave me an entirely new way to relate to money. Instead of stressing myself out about all the things I should do, I learned to just switch to the ways of interacting with money that I'm already good at. Huge difference in my stress levels and my bank account."

Beth P.

What's Your Dollar Sign?

Unleash the Power of Astrology to Master Your Money

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