What's Your Dollar Sign?

At the moment you were born, the stars in the sky lined up to share their gifts with You.  That unique pattern of energy gave you a connection with life that is all your own. When you know Your Gifts, you know Your Way of filling your bank account.

Discover how astrology supercharges your ability to make money & build wealth.

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Discover Your Dollar Sign

Learn the energy channel that connects you to money. Master when and how to use it. 
Unlock Your Cash Flow

Your Dollar Sign Class

Dive deeper with an intensive class in all your energy channels and how to manage them.  Learn how to stop money from blocking your dreams.

Business Astrology

Design your business to flow from your money dynamics. Supercharge your business growth & your bank account.

Know Thyself

What we know about ourselves limits what we are capable of accomplishing.  Know more, get more.

When we're missing pieces of the puzzle of ourselves, everything is a struggle.  We chase opportunities that we don't really want.  We push ourselves further down paths we shouldn't even be walking.  We arrive in places that leave us dissatisfied and so are always seeking something more. It's time to finally arrive.

Know Yourself and learn to create the money you need, to live a life you truly love.

The Glory of You

You are a gift and a blessing.  The power you were granted to create what you want is magnificent.  

If only you'd been given an Owners Manual...

Money Astrology can show you which switches to flip to let the cash flow.  You'll learn why you're a spender or a saver. You'll also learn how to do either in their proper time and place.

Recognize the blessings you have and learn to use them to make more money with more grace & ease than you've imagined possible.

Finally give yourself permission to shine.

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Discover Your Dollar Sign.   Knowing the Secret Money Superpowers you were born with leads to better decisions with your money and your life. 

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